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Enables dealerships to better plan, track and analyze service operations.


Effortlessly handle service orders and customer inquiries to manage and analyze the delivery of services to customers.

Maximize labor efficiency
Increase service market share
Increase customer satisfaction
Gain a complete understanding of costs and revenue
Improve service profitability

Our solutions are built with the following modules for equipment management

  • Create segment level quotations – each version is saved in history for reference
  • Set up orders manually or automatically at periodic intervals
  • Record service time, expenses, parts, and outside labor and materials
  • Support multiple serial numbers and customers on a work order
  • Split work order segments among customers by specific percentage total
  • Close a single segment or multiple segments independently and present the invoice in the order that makes the most sense
  • Set up each segment independently, or the entire work order to a flat rate, partial flat rate (labor, parts, miscellaneous) or time and materials
  • Monitor work order-related main performance indicators with service efficiency report (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Check standard job and flat rate variances of work orders (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Keep count of work in progress work orders, outstanding, and related backorders with related service reports (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Tailor agreements to customer requirements, service prices, and payment arrangements
  • Support an unlimited combination of equipment and service scenarios on a single contract
  • Track true profit and loss at both the equipment and contract levels
  • Add or delete equipment from within a contract easily
  • Schedule service visits utilizing calendar or telematics interfaces automatically
  • Create and process service subscriptions for a fixed-price service over a period
  • Accommodate revenue based on fixed or irregular periods and multiple price arrangements
  • Track credited, overdue, and upcoming service contract invoices with Service Contract Summary report, as well as easily identify soon expiring service contracts (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Manage employee skill sets
  • Allocate technical assignments based on skill level and certification
  • Manage technicians’ time as they ‘clock in’ to a segment in real-time or batch enter labor at the end of the day
  • View and approve time
  • Measure labor utilization, related performance indicators, and track time approval figures with prebuilt BI report (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Oversee upcoming and overdue scheduled services count, compare estimated and actual amounts (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Import and amend standard jobs from supported OEMs easily
  • Create from an existing segment
  • Create and edit as needed from other media
  • Refine standard jobs to maximize effectiveness, compare planned and actual transaction quantities, and spot the biggest relative and nominal differences (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Gain complete visibility through graphic field and shop floor scheduling screens
  • Register repair tasks
  • Undertake diagnosis tracking and record resolution
  • Identify faulty products
  • Manage warranty claim submission and reconciliation
  • Create a warranty claim on a work order segment and if supported by OEM, automatically transmit claim, receive claim acknowledgment and settlement
  • Set parameters to automatically settle and close claims that fall within your guidelines
  • Utilize fully integrated warranty parts tracking
  • Locate stored parts for return to the vendor; auto-scrap parts upon expiration of OEM required parts retention period instantly
  • Keep tight control over your warranty claiming process with the Service Warranty report
  • Follow up claims status and obtain claimed amounts and settled invoices (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Automatically obtain hour meter, location, fuel level, error codes, and geofencing
  • Improve service delivery through case management and questionnaires

With NAXT Solutions, it's easy to see your return on investment.

Benchmark your departments and branches

With a single system and unified processes, you can monitor and rank your branches, locations, or service shops, enabling you to control best practices and implement them everywhere. It also allows you to reward actual performance and maintain organizational agility.

Watch your profitability

NAXT collects all costs and revenue information on each piece of equipment, regardless if it is in the new, used, or rental fleet. Furthermore, service costs and revenue are tracked to the machine, so any equipment has a holistic financial view.

Retain your Qualified Workforce

A valuable and intuitive system can add to a technician’s capabilities by reminding them with checklists, optimize operations through dynamic workspaces, and speed up onboarding. The system will not replace experience but will enable those with less experience to follow correct procedures based on specific circumstances.

Keep up with the growth in equipment rental

To make equipment rental profitable, you must consider financing costs and depreciation, among other expenditures, and compare those to revenue. Based on this information, executives and rental managers can decide which type of equipment and service they should invest in when extending their rental portfolio.

Our Solutions

Dealer Operations

End-to-end solution for heavy equipment dealers that brings together an ERP suite with a unique set of industry-specific operational business processes.

Dealer Operations

The only customer engagement solution your dealership will ever need.

Customer Engagement

Our Solution Partners represent the leading edge of their respective areas of expertise

Partner Ecosystem

We can manage the processes of various industries from heavy equipment dealerships to materials handling companies


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Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution

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Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT

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Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider

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Real-time inventory data from OEMs and your branches to find the right part at the right price

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