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Become a much more efficient dealership with our rental management software.


Transfer equipment, calculate rental conversions, manage contracts, track equipment, and work tool utilization.

Easily transfer equipment from new inventory to the rental fleet with seamless financial transactions All transfers are administrated by security, so only those who have authority may approve fleet transfers
Quickly calculate total rental amounts upfront and easily record deposits paid by the customer
Quickly calculate remaining amount and overtime to be invoiced at the end of the contract with our advanced best rate calculator
Gain immediate insight into the prime product, work tools, and attachment utilization
Multiple depreciation methods are supported, such as revenue-based and straight line
Invoicing in advance and/or arrears, flexible periodic billing (daily, weekly, monthly)
Wizard-like interface for a quick quotation and contract creation, and a one-stop-shop user experience for rental coordinators for contract closing

Our solutions are built with the following modules for rental management

  • Obtain utilization (SMU, time, and financial) at the fleet, division, branch, make, type, model, and serial number level. Including obtaining utilization for work tools and attachments
  • Analyze rental fleet utilization trends, filter for machine group codes and models by using a prebuilt BI report (NAXT365 Power BI Report Package)
  • Supports multiple rental rates for the same model/rental class (e.g., standard duty, multiple shifts, continuous duty, demolition, harsh environment, etc.)
  • Set pricing based on customer or store
  • Set predefined discounts per division, but also can add discounts on the contract level
  • Control discounting by setting pricing parameters for rental coordinators with approval
  • Calculate rental fee on the calendar based, either with a daily base rate or by prorating the weekly or monthly rate
  • Calculate hourly billing for daily rentals
  • Calculate the best rate at the end of the contract, either based on the daily/weekly/monthly rates or prorated
  • Communicates with leading telematics Product Link
  • Obtain hour meter, location, fuel level, error codes, and geofencing automatically, depending on the transmitter
  • Supports automatic overtime billing for long-term contracts, either periodically calculated for each invoicing period or at the end of the contract
  • Connect an attachment or work tool to a prime product
  • Track service history and utilization of attachments easily
  • View suggested attachments per model or rental class on the contract
  • Verify the presence of proper coverage; provides the ability to sell damage waiver as an optional charge on a contract
  • Create shipping or receiving documents at contract start, equipment swap, or upon return instantly
  • Ship and receive equipment at the yard with a smartphone using barcoding
  • Issue purchase order to the transportation vendor and link it to the movement record
  • View available equipment, equipment pending service, or equipment to be returned
  • Schedule future requirements with a calendar based graphical display showing the duration of contracts, quotations, and reservations for each piece of rental equipment
  • Automatically generate and transmit requisite notices to the corrective party in areas where notice to the owner is required
  • Add fuel charges, transport charges, and environmental fees as either a fixed amount or a percentage of the rental fee, rental rate, or asking price
  • Capture the cost of damage repairs by billing from within the contract
  • Add recurring charges or charges that are only invoiced once.
  • Charges can be invoiced together with the rental fee or as a separate supplemental invoice

With NAXT Solutions, it's easy to see your return on investment.

Benchmark your departments and branches

With a single system and unified processes, you can monitor and rank your branches, locations, or service shops, enabling you to control best practices and implement them everywhere. It also allows you to reward actual performance and maintain organizational agility.

Watch your profitability

NAXT collects all costs and revenue information on each piece of equipment, regardless if it is in the new, used, or rental fleet. Furthermore, service costs and revenue are tracked to the machine, so any equipment has a holistic financial view.

Retain your Qualified Workforce

A valuable and intuitive system can add to a technician’s capabilities by reminding them with checklists, optimize operations through dynamic workspaces, and speed up onboarding. The system will not replace experience but will enable those with less experience to follow correct procedures based on specific circumstances.

Keep up with the growth in equipment rental

To make equipment rental profitable, you must consider financing costs and depreciation, among other expenditures, and compare those to revenue. Based on this information, executives and rental managers can decide which type of equipment and service they should invest in when extending their rental portfolio.

Our Solutions

Dealer Operations

End-to-end solution for heavy equipment dealers that brings together an ERP suite with a unique set of industry-specific operational business processes.

Dealer Operations

The only customer engagement solution your dealership will ever need.

Customer Engagement

Our Solution Partners represent the leading edge of their respective areas of expertise

Partner Ecosystem

We can manage the processes of various industries from heavy equipment dealerships to materials handling companies


Start using NAXT as your digital transformation platform and begin delivering innovative solutions for your customers.

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For CEOs & Business Owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT

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Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks

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Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution

For Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT

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Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider

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Real-time inventory data from OEMs and your branches to find the right part at the right price

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